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Written by Johnna Lavery Paradis on Sep. 2, 2013
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the link on a web site. Was not sure if I could endure hearing the atrocities that I was imagining. I clicked on one tab and I ended up watching almost an hours worth of footage. My heart sank. I have been a strong voice for over a decade when my son was placed in a "juvenile" facility here in Connecticut. From the age of 13 on up I watched as the "system" took my child over and over from me sampling him to far to many reformatories as they say. He was what I call "The System's Child" since I had little or no say in much after his juvenile probation officer took his case. He was never a violent criminal. In fact, it was I who inadvertently placed him into the care of those who didn't care when I asked for guidance for him at the age of 12. He is now 26 now. He has told some stories that break my heart and sicken me. But I realize he has so much more he has within himself. I am extremely grateful and proud of these brave men who have come forward. I as a parent and an advocate need as much motivation as I can muster to keep fighting the good fight for better and more capable support teams to get help for troubled youth and help those who are being mistreated, abused, etc... within the facilities. We need voices, audits, and walkthroughs currently to monitor the rights of the people young and older, boy or girl, no matter what ethnicity. We are ALL people. We have rights. If we care about possible terrorists in Guantanamo Bay... then why don't we care for our own?
Written by The Reverend Cocomo Rock on Aug. 9, 2013
A tremendous thanks to each of you for your generous and courageous contributions to the exposure of a heinous and much larger truth than the public could have ever guessed. After years of many "White House" narratives in the news, it is good to finally hear a few representative voices and see a few representative faces expressing a few representative experiences of the Black youths who populated FSB at Marianna over the years.

A Question: What about "The Other" White House boys, Black Boys at Dozier -- in the vernacular of the day, the boys most often pinned with the ignominious label, "muff?" Have any of those survivors, or anyone representative of their class come forward to fill in the gaps regarding their systematically harrowing experiences? Have you reached out to any of them who may have survived? Do you yourselves plan to ever tell, ever mention, their roles, their universal condemnation and shame?

Written by Mike Sapp on Jul. 23, 2013
I am thankful the black men now have a voice in this unfolding drama and can speak freely and voluntarily. I feel like Frank Marx regarding this matter..There can never be too many voices or too many organizations bringing this to public attention. Thanks Ms. Harrell for stepping up and pointing these men in the right direction. The black men never had a chance to speak out until you provided that avenue.
Written by John Bonner on Jul. 11, 2013
Thanks to all who has reached out to help those Black Boys From Dozier Reform School. Do know that each of you are appreciated and we are indebted to you. All your support and prayers has benefitted our new Organization. Thanks again, and may GOD keep you blessed.
Written by Dan Gaddy on Jul. 11, 2013
Stay strong men. My uncle is one of the men who went through this and I'm praying for strength for all of you. Good bless.
Written by Regina J. on Jul. 1, 2013
I am certain that returning to the Dozier reform school has been difficult for all involved. It is unfortunate that such atrocities existed and may still exist.. but now it's been revealed.
Very proud that you stand tall together as one, in your search for Peace and closure.
May God Bless you and keep all of you in His care.
Written by Walter C. Black,Sr. Photographer on Jul. 1, 2013
I know going back to Dozier Reform School had to be a heavy burden on your hearts. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey. I hope and pray that each find closure. May God continue to bless and keep each of you.
Written by Antoinette Harrell on Jul. 1, 2013
To all the boys who died at Dozier Reform School and to the men who were beaten, raped and abused. My prayers and support is with each of you. Thanks each of you for opportunity to help in the areas that I am capable.
Written by Catina Gaddy on Jul. 1, 2013
I am very proud of you men for standing out above all of your fears and adversaries to let the people know of the abuse that happen to all the boys at the Florida Industrial school for boys. I think that it is very important that people know about the Florida history especially the black history and how they treated you men when you were children
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